Aztec’s Millions is another progressive slot machine made by RTG. This is the second highest progressive jackpot that I have seen for US online casinos. Currently, the value of the jackpot is over $1.1 million.

If you want to win this massive jackpot, you need to line up 5 of the Aztec’s Millions jackpot icons on one of the 25 paylines. Remember that each video slot machine has a certain number of stops or places for icons to be on the reel. Usually for progressive jackpots, this number is 64. Of those 64 stops, only one of them has the jackpot icon on each reel. This is why its so difficult to win the progressive jackpot.

You will not need to worry about how much you are going to bet on each spin, because you have to bet $5 a spin. This bet automatically covers all 25 of the paylines, which makes the cost of one payline 20¢.

For anyone who is new to slots, a payline is a charted path across the 5 reels. In order to win a payline, you must line up any icon from the first reel (the one furthest to the left) and match the icon across the reels on one of the paylines path across the reels. You can obviously win on more than one payline at a time.

Here is an example of a very good win. This will help me explain two things at once. First of all, the Aztec Warrior icon is a wild or substitute icon. It is only found on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels and are grouped in a cluster of 3 on the reel. You don’t automatically have to get all three on the screen at once, you may only get one or two.

Also when you get a win, this slot machine does a really good job of telling you exactly what you have won. Not only is your total win plain to see, but if you look carefully you will see that this spin has won on 14 of the 25 paylines. This is because there are multiple paths that connect the first and third reels together and the wild cards complete all of them. After you have won, the payline wins will cycle and you can see exactly how much you won on each payline.

Below is the paychart for Aztec’s Millions. A couple things to notice is that it only takes one (1) of the Aztec’s Millions or Aztec Princess icons in order to win on a payline. The Panther and War Headdress only require two matching icons and all others require three matching icons to win on a payline. Also, you can see the path of each payline if you are interested.

What does this translate to as far as winning money? Let’s say you match three Aces on one payline. You would have paid $5 overall for the spin. The payline cost 20¢ and you won 10 times the cost of that payline or $2. This means the spin cost you $3 overall. If you get the Aztec’s Millions on the middle row of the first reel, you will have won on 9 paylines overall; times that by 5 for the payout per payline and you get $9 overall on a $5 bet.

Free Spins

One more feature that I haven’t talked about yet. You can get free spins if you get at least three (3) of the Sacred Idol scatter icons on top of winning at least 3 times your overall bet. Get three icons and win 5 free spins, four icons gets 15 free spins and five icons receive 25. The term “scatter” is used because it can be anywhere on the screen for you to win.

During free spins, all normal payouts for wins are tripled. You can also get more free spins during free spins play by receiving another scatter icon on the screen.

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