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jackpot-bingo-gamesCasino games are not the only games that you can play online that offers a large jackpot for players to win. Bingo is another popular online game where you can win big money.

There are a couple of ways to play and win these jackpots at online bingo rooms. I will highlight the basics of jackpot bingo and several places that offer these games.

The average bingo jackpot is going to range between $/£/€ 1,000 up to 40,000 or more. Of course, the higher the jackpot gets, the less likely that someone will win it often.

The bingo jackpot can be in one of three forms:

1) There is a top money prize (jackpot) that must be won that session by someone who has bought bingo cards. This top prize usually isn’t more than 1,000 to 5,000. In order to have a bingo prize this large, a lot of bingo players must be participating. Some bingo sites will combine forces and link up their players for a really large prize. The largest of these are the £10,000 Super Bingo Linx that involves a lot of UK bingo websites.

2) There is a bingo jackpot that is progressive in nature. Every time that you purchase a bingo card in these special rooms, a small percentage will go to the jackpot. The largest of these is the Deal or No Deal Bingo Jackpot 90 ball room which is currently £38,756 at William Hill or the £42,116 jackpot at the Sun Seeker Bingo80 room at Bet365.

3) A lot of online bingo sites offer side games; the majority of the side games are going to be slots, fruit machines and video poker. Some of these games may also have a jackpot that you can win. Slots tend to have the largest jackpots because they don’t hit very often. The Clover Rollover recently had a large win of more than £4,000,000 but that win reset the total back to £100,000 where it continues to grow again. Any jackpot of $/£/€ 1,000,000 are more likely to win because more people will be playing (assuming that the casino you are playing at is legitimate).

How to Win a Bingo Jackpot

First thing is first. How do you win a bingo jackpot? This is a simple question to answer, but that doesn’t make the likelihood that you win one any greater. I’m going to go through this in sections for each jackpot type that can be won.

Bingo Tournaments with Jackpots

bingo-game-jackpotWhen a bingo site offers a guaranteed jackpot, this means that one or more people are going to walk away with the amount guaranteed. For instance, the £10,000 Super Bingo Linx will have a £1,000 winner for 1 Line, a £2,000 winner for 2 lines and £7,000 for the Full House.

These are terms used with 90 ball bingo that are played in the UK and Europe. If you are more used to playing the traditional American style of 75 ball bingo, you won’t find as many of these large jackpots.

Simply put, online bingo is very popular in England and hasn’t taken off in the United States as much yet. That means there are going to be less people playing and therefore the jackpots will tend to be smaller.

Bingo Rooms with Jackpots

bingo-room-jackpotsI’m going to use the Money Mountain Room at William Hill Bingo as an example of how these jackpots are won. Money Mountain is currently the biggest bingo jackpot that I could find. It is currently valued at just under £60,000.

In order to win it, you must call full house in 29 balls or less. Basically, calling full house in less than 40 is really good; that makes the odds of getting 29 very slim.

That means you have to get a ball called on your ticket more than 50% of the time. It is very statistically difficult to do. Other jackpots like this can be won with 31, 33, 35 or even less than 40 calls. The higher the number of calls, the easier the jackpot will be to win.

Where can I Find these Bingo Jackpots

UK Bingo Sites

Bet365 – Get £25 free when you spend £5 on bingo tickets. Participate in the Super Bingo Linx and other large bingo jackpots. You can play every night with tickets between 5p to 50p and prizes between £300 to £3,000.

William Hill – Get £25 free when you spend £10 on bingo tickets. You can participate in the Super Bingo Linx or play at the Deal or No Deal and Money Mountain bingo rooms. There are also jackpots for many of the slots side games offered like Clover rollover.

USA Bingo Sites

CyberBingo – Play in a $50,000 coverall ($10,000 guaranteed) bingo event that will take place Saturday, January 28th in the Bingo Tourney Room at 11PM EST. The bingo cards for this event will cost you $5 each. The “coverall” means exactly that; you must cover all of the 25 spaces on your bingo card in order to win. There are also three $1,000 Guaranteed Games every hour on the hour starting at 8PM up to the big game.

Bingo For Money – You can win real cash every game with over 300 unique bingo patterns for winning bingo cards. There are $10,000 and $1,000 jackpot games that take place every day.