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The most common games to have large progressive jackpots associated with them are Slots, Caribbean Stud, Bingo, Blackjack and Video Poker. However, these aren't the only casino games that have progressive jackpots. You can take a look at the Let'em Ride ticker on the sidebar to see that.

In addition to providing information on the progressive games themselves, I will be providing updates as to which progressive jackpots are the largest, jackpots that are overdue to be won and those jackpots that have just been won.


If you live in the United States, you might have harder time finding a good site to play real money online slots these days. There aren’t too many good online casinos left in 2016. If you live in New Jersey or Delaware, there are legal online casinos that have been regulated by the state. However, the offshore casino websites have been struggling of late and a lot of the websites that I have featured on this blog are no longer very reliable.

The era of the multi-million dollar progressive jackpot appear to be past. The fact of the matter is that you were more likely to win the Powerball than you were to hit some of these progressive slots.

One of the only good offshore online casinos that allow Americans in 2016 is casino. They don’t have many progressive jackpots that are over $100,000, but they do have one thing … actual winner that hit big payouts. has a list of recent winners that have won $10,000 or more. There have been more than 20 people who have hit a payline of $10,000 or more in the past month. This includes Jose V. from Florida who won $129,796 playing the Big Money Bigfoot jackpot. has over 400 different casino games. This includes almost any of the online slots that you have played over the past 5 years. They have all of the Real-Series slots from RTG, all of the 3D Slots that are created by Betsoft, and all of the I-Slots offered at Rival Gaming. In addition to that, there are a bunch of classic 3 line slots and much more.

Right now, some of the largest slots jackpots include Greedy Goblin ($67,000) and Shopping Spree ($167,000). Almost of all the slots have a minimum jackpot around $10,000.

If you are thinking about join casino, you can up to $1,000 free on your first deposit. This is just one of the many promotions that are available to slots players. If you make your first deposit with bitcoin, you can get a free $100 chip. If you play on both your laptop and your mobile device, you can get a free $25 chip. There are other weekly promotions that you can take advantage of which change all the time.

If you get started and find out you really like this slots website, you can even get up to $200 when you refer a friend. is one of the only American facing websites that is coming out with new features such as mobile gaming and new games. Many of the new slots are plays on some of the most popular mobile games such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja and more. The names are slightly different because of copyrights, the these games are very similar in slots form and allow you to win money.

Finally, if you like player loyalty programs, is the site for you. You can get all kinds of freebies by earning Reward Points. This includes Cash-Back bonuses, bet limit increases, birthday bonus and more.

Progressive Jackpot Game Rules

It would be hard to resist playing a progressive jackpot casino game, and with good reason. Simply put, the more times a game is played, the more money goes to the machine, the higher a progressive jackpot grows. Think: millions of dollars. Jackpot Madness, the world’s largest online progressive jackpot casino network, pay out about $3 million a month on progressive jackpot games.

The Object of the Game

The most popular progressive jackpot games are slot machine games, but other casino games, like video poker, stud poker, and blackjack, also offer progressive jackpots. The whole idea is tied to money being added increasingly to a machine, so progressive jackpot games are all machine games. Each game follows its own rules but the common thread connecting all these games is how you win the progressive jackpot.

The object is to make the maximum bet in order to qualify to win the progressive jackpot, and then hit the highest win in a game in order to win. A game's highest win has fixed variables: a specific combination of picture symbols for slots, a specific five-card poker hand for video poker and stud poker, a specific two-card hand for blackjack. Winning or losing may be based on chance, as in slots, skill, as in blackjack and stud poker, or a combination of the two, as in video poker.

There are several things that many slots players will take as common knowledge when in reality these “facts” are completely false and are usually spread out of ignorance. Here are a few of those common misconceptions:

Slot machines that haven’t paid out in a long time are due

Slot machines are never due to pay out. The odds of hitting a jackpot, for example, are always completely the same for every spin. Likewise, the odds of hitting the jackpot on the very next spin remain the same. This is achieved by a Random Number Generator (RNG) which will constantly generate a series of numbers that corresponds to a position of the reels.

In fact, there was one progressive jackpot on a slot machine in Las Vegas that hadn’t hit in over 20 years. These slots were due to be retired as each one hit the jackpot. This one machine went the longest and lasted 10 years longer than any of the others.

Timing matters when you spin the reels

While it would seem that you are going to get a different result no matter when you press spin, there really isn’t a magic moment where you can hit the jackpot. As you will see in many of the other examples, the random number generator isn’t waiting for a particular moment in order to pay out a jackpot. You simply have to get extremely lucky and get the RNG to randomly generate the winning pattern.

Someone hit the jackpot right after you. That was your jackpot

Not True. The RNG, run by a computer chip inside the machine, is always working; even when the machine is not being played. When the spin button is pressed, the RNG picks a number to the closest microsecond the button was pressed. It is therefore highly unlikely you would have pressed the spin button at the exact same microsecond to win the jackpot.

Casinos can lower/increase a slot machines payout at will

It is possible but in reality, it hardly ever happens. If a casino wanted to change the payout of a slot machine, they would have to completely change the computer chip in the machine. The payout percentage is programmed at the factory and if a casino wishes to change it, they would have to complete loads of paperwork, consult with the Gambling Commission they are responsible to and have witnesses present for the whole process.

If you bet with more than one coin, your odds of winning increase

Betting with more coins only increases the amount you win not your chance of winning. The RNG has no idea how many coins you have bet. The number of coins you bet is measured by a separate computer chip that does not communicate with the RNG. And as the RNG controls the outcome of a spin, betting three coins on a spin instead of one does not increase your chances of winning.

Casinos can reward loyal players with jackpots

If a casino was to do this, they would quickly be closed down. It is completely illegal for anything other than the RNG to determine the outcome of a spin or dictate when a jackpot is awarded. Also, there are plenty of examples of players playing at an online casino for the first time and winning life-changing amounts of money.

The payout percentage is 95%, I will get back $95 of every $100 I bet

Although theoretically possible, it would be unlikely to happen. The payout percentage of 95% is based over a very long period of time. Longer than anyone could conceivably sit at a machine and play on a slot machine. It is therefore more likely that you will either win less or more than the 95% payout percentage.

Online Poker Jackpot

If you like playing poker online, there is a jackpot that you can try to win. It's not any easier than winning a progressive slot jackpot, though. The most common poker jackpot is called a Bad Beat Jackpot. You can usually find this jackpot at a lot of the more popular poker rooms, including the online poker USA websites. The rules can vary between sites, but most of the time this is how it works:

A Bad Beat Jackpot is won when a player at a ring game table gets beat with a pair of quad 8's (four of a kind) or better. The player must use both cards in their hand in order to qualify (I.E. have a pair of 8's in the hole). Not only does the loser of this hand win, but so does the winner and anyone else who was dealt into the hand. The percentages usually go 50% of the jackpot goes to the Bad Beat hand loser, a large percentage to the Bad Beat hand winner, and a smaller percentage to other participants.

Bovada Casino is one of the featured casino here at Best Progressive Jackpots. This is because they are currently the most popular online casino that caters to players in the United States. Bovada currently offers a total combined jackpot total over $6,000,000! This includes progressive jackpots from 58 different slots and 4 table games.

Currently, the top progressive jackpots include the following slot games: Mid-Life Crisis ($1,718,115), Shopping Spree ($1,718,115), It’s Good to be Bad ($195,149), IRIS 3000 ($169,419), Super Diamond Mine ($60,723), Sevens & Stripes ($60,512), The Shark ($42,752), Food Fight ($37,147), Treasure Room ($25,732), At the Copa ($21,758), Slots Angels ($16,236), Goldbeard ($14,720), Mr. Vegas ($13,799), Dragons ($10,348), Jackpot Pinatas ($9,968), Ronin ($6,423), Dirty Martini ($5,857), Reel Blood ($5,111), Snow White & the Poison Apple ($5,024), El Luchador ($4,288), The Glam Life ($4,260), Queen of Kings ($4,183), Six Shot Showdown ($4,021), Treasure Island ($3,876), Hydro Heat ($3,545), Cash Money Mermaids ($3,390), Witches & Wizards ($3,310), Caesar’s Empire ($3,170.65), DJ Moo Cow ($3,110), Chase the Cheese ($3,107), Indiana Jane ($3,045), Aztec’s Treasure ($2,970), Jack the Ripper ($2,892), Birds of Fury ($2,862), Tycoon ($2,820), Invasion ($2,618), and Dino Island ($2,427). There are a couple of dozen more that have jackpots sizes between $1,000 and $5,000.

You will notice that there are only a couple of those progressive slots that have a total over $10,000. This is the difference between Bovada and many of the other online casinos. The reason why other online casinos have much higher progressive jackpot totals is that nobody ever wins these jackpots. The average winning slots jackpot at Bovada is around $15,000.

Here are a couple of screenshots from some of the most popular progressive slot games:


These two progressives slots are the 5 reel classics Mid-Life Crisis and The Shark.


Here are two of the 3 reel progressive jackpot slot machines. These two are called Sevens & Stripes and It’s Good to be Bad.


The two video slots shown above are a couple of the new Betsoft 3D progressive slots called At the Copa and Slots Angels.


Here are two more of the unique progressive jackpot slots called I.R.I.S. 3000 and Treasure Room.

Table Game Progressive Jackpots

Slots aren’t the only progressive jackpots that are available at Bovada Casino. You can also play one of the four progressive table games. These four games are Let ‘Em Ride, Caribbean Stud Poker, Caribbean Hold’em and Caribbean Draw Poker.

Let ‘Em Ride – This is a 5 card stud game in which the dealer does not have a hand. You have to place an Ante and have a choice whether to bet on the progressive jackpot ($1 per bet). You will receive three cards and have to decide whether to Raise, and place another bet, or Continue and not bet again. A winning hand is a pair of 10’s or better. The payouts for winning bets increases if you receive higher ranking hands.

The progressive payouts starts when you receive a Flush or higher. There is currently a progressive total of $39,271. If you receive a Royal Flush, you will win the entire jackpot. If you receive a Straight Flush, you will win 10% of the jackpot.


Caribbean Stud Poker – This is a 5 card stud game where you are playing against the dealer’s hand. You have to place an Ante and have a choice whether to bet on the progressive jackpot ($1 per bet). You will receive five cards and have to decide whether to Raise, and place a wager twice the size of the Ante, or Fold your hand and concede your Ante to the dealer. The dealer will qualify if the dealer’s hand is Ace/King or higher.

The progressive payout begins if you get a Flush or higher. The total progressive jackpot is currently $52,234. You will receive 10% of the jackpot if you get a straight flush and 100% of the jackpot if you receive a Royal flush. You have to place a progressive bet to be eligible to win.

Caribbean Hold’em/Caribbean Draw Poker – These are two progressive jackpots that are unique to online casinos that have RTG software. These games are almost identical to Caribbean Stud Poker, only they have slightly different rules to the number of cards that you can receive or draw. These two games share a progressive jackpot. You have to make the $1 progressive bet in order to be eligible to win. The progressive jackpot total is currently just over $52,000.

A progressive jackpot can only be won in slots by completing the winning payline. This usually happens in one of two ways.

1) There is a jackpot icon on the reels. You will need this jackpot icon to line up on a payline. If it is a 3 reel slot machine, there will only be one payline down the middle. If it is a 5 reel slot, there will be multiple paylines that this symbol can land on.

2) If there is no jackpot icon, the highest ranking symbol in on that slot machine will act as the trigger to win the progressive jackpot. This only occurs in 5 reel slots. You must complete the payline by lining up all 5 symbols across the reels.

The slot machines generally have either 32 or 64 stops, or available spaces, on each reel. Of these stops, only one will include the jackpot icon. Therefore, your odds of winning this jackpot on a 5 reel machine is about one in 500,000,000. For a 3 reel slot, this is about one in 1,000,000.

Obviously, the increased odds will make the 5 reel slots have a lot larger progressive jackpot. These can usually be up to $1,000,000 or more. The 3 reel slots have much lower jackpots, usually in the range of $30,000 to $50,000.

U.S. Online Casino Progressive Jackpots

If you like to play slots online and you live in the United States, you should take a look at the website. They offer a total progressive jackpot total over $1.1 million. Unlike some of the other online casinos that offer huge jackpots, players actually have a chance to win the slots jackpots. I have seen some of the other RTG online casinos that offer slots that have a $1,000,000+ jackpot that haven’t been won in 4 years. offers a total of 57 different slot machines that have jackpots. Some of these jackpots are as small as $20,000 and some of them have a total over $200,000.


Some of the most popular jackpot slots include Slots Angel, the 3D slots progressive created by Betsoft. You can play this interactive game and win large cash prizes outside of the progressive jackpot. There is also Super Diamond Mine, Shopping Spree, Caesar’s Empire and Aztec’s Treasure. These are all online slots created by RTG casino software.

These 5 slot machines currently have the top progressive jackpots to win at If you are looking for a real chance to win a lot of money, I suggest that you take a look and give them a try.

Progressive Jackpots Abroad

Lucky is the person who walks away a winner in any of the online casinos Progressive Jackpot Games. Online Gambling has come a long way to meet and exceed the popularity of land based casino when it comes to the enormous amounts of money to be won in these amazing jackpot games.

Casinos vie for your loyalty as a player in these games because not only are these the biggest payouts you’ll ever find, the popularity of an online casino that has been the one where one of these jackpots have been hit, soars to unbelievable heights. It is not unheard of for a casino to have multiple jackpot winners within a short amount of time. For instance, the latest Playtech jackpots to be hit were only 51 days apart at 32 Vegas Casino and both were playing the top rated Gold Rally Progressive Slots.

Playtech Casinos offer a great selection of Progressive Games including Cinerama, Diamond Valley, Wall Street Fever, Safecracker and others whose jackpots soar into the millions.

Playtech Casinos don’t hold all the cards when it comes to winners though. Microgaming Casinos offer many great Progressive Jackpot Games such as the hugely addictive Major Millions, Tunzamunni Progressive Slots, Cash Splash, LotsaLoot which are all slots and they offer many more including SupaJax Progressive Video Poker and Tripe Sevens Progressive Blackjack.

The concept behind these jackpot games is simple. Each casino offers games that are tied into similar casinos, meaning each time a player deposits and plays money in one casino, and another players plays the game in another casino, a portion of each deposit contributes to the jackpot causing it to rise rather rapidly.

When there are many casinos contributing to this effect the results are enormous amounts in the jackpot. For online casinos, these jackpots do not cross the lines between casinos of different software programs. For instance, you won’t find Major Millions at a Playtech Casino and you won’t find Gold Rally at a Microgaming Casino.

Almost all online casinos offer some type of Progressive Jackpot Games, do your research to find out which software type you prefer, discover what it is you want in the game be it slots, video poker or a card game. You can find a game that fits in your budget and enjoy countless hours of gambling entertainment.

Progressive Slots Jackpots

In order to win a progressive jackpot on a slot machine, you must receive the one and only combination that will win it. This will be different on every different type of slot game offered, so you will want to look at the paytable before so you know what you need to receive.

Usually, there will be a special jackpot icon that will be on the reels. For most video slots, you can expect that there will be about 64 “stops” on each reel. Each stop will contain one of the available symbols that the slot machine offers. Only 1 of these stops will contain the jackpot symbol.

You will need to receive a jackpot symbol across a payline on all five reels of a video slot. The three reel slot machines will not have the same massive value for its jackpot since the 3 jackpot icons are easier to hit than 5 jackpot icons.

You will always have to Bet Max to be eligible to win the jackpot. Some progressive slots will only allow you to spin and each spin will cost the same amount (example – $5 per spin).

Playing Online Slots

You can play online slots for free before you try your luck for real money. You should always try the slot machine that interests you in practice mode so you can learn the ins and outs of the payouts. You should note how often you receive a 2x, 5x, 10x or more payout on your bet. Most slots will fall into patterns for larger payouts that are likely to happen every 100 to 200 spins.

Using these websites allows the player who only likes to play for fun. It’s the fee online slot machines that have been advertised as one of the fastest growing Internet industries. However, there are few online slots that may require special software to be downloaded to enable play. In this way players can choose the slot games as per their preferences.

Online slot machines are the right platform to practice more for the game. The microchip technology generates many billion possible combinations instantly on the first spin. Every combination, which seems when you spin is completely random. And this is ensured by random number generator, which is embedded in microchip technology.

As results of every spin are random truly, there is not anything to prohibit the winning combination getting hit many times. In case the machine hasn’t hit the high win or else jackpot win in long time, large payout is imminent.

Random number generator comes-up with random results on each spin and it does not remember the previous spins, and nor it predicts what may happen in the upcoming spins. It just operates totally based on the randomness. Thus it can’t use the pattern or else equation to generate specific winning and losing spins. We can’t stress enough every spin is totally random & independent of other spin.